Friday, November 18, 2011

Photo of the Week: Advance Scout

Little Red
Nikon D7000 w/ 16-85mm, 1/100sec at f10, ISO100. © Andy Marfia 2011 All Rights Reserved.

This week's photo is another shot from Ping Tom Park in Chicago's China Town.  The overpass in this shot is 18th street, which bisects the park, rising above and then crossing the Chicago River.

I like photos that leave the viewer with a question.  In this case it's a pretty simple one-- why is that baby stroller sitting there by itself?  Is it abandoned?  Where is its occupant and owner?  The likely answer is that he or she is just out of the frame.  Or, perhaps this is an advance scout, as part of some weaponized robotic baby stroller invasion force?  Hey, anything's possible.

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