Friday, September 23, 2011

R.I.P. R.E.M.

Canon A590, 1/60sec f3.5 and ISO800. © Andy Marfia 2008 All Rights Reserved.

R.E.M has officially disbanded.  I'm a few days late to this news, but it's been a busy week and this has just now set it.  REM has been around for 31 years, released 15 studio albums, and sold 30 million records.  Not a bad career!  The photo above (which I'll admit is just an "okay" shot) was from a show in 2008 when they were touring for Accelerate.  This was an excellent show as Accelerate was one of their better late-career albums, and they also played a ton of material from their older records such as "Life's Rich Pageant" and "Document".  It's the only time that I've seen them live and it was well worth the cost of the ticket.

Two of my favorite REM songs:

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