Friday, July 1, 2011

2011 Chicago Pride Parade Photos

I've finally finished posting photos from last weekend's Pride Parade in Chicago.  Here's the whole set:

Most of these were taken at the north end of the parade, at the intersection of Halsted, Broadway, and Grace streets.  A few others were taken along Halsted St., roughly between Grace and Roscoe. 

Last year I wrote the following about my parade photos:

"I made another half-ass attempt to photograph the Pride Parade this year.  I say "half-ass" not because I dislike the photos, but rather because I always leave the parade feeling like I could have done a better job.  Perhaps by next year, I'll finally have a definitive set."

I'm not sure if this year's set is "definitive" but it's certainly less half-assed than in the past.  I improved on last year in two important ways: 1) I arrived at the parade an hour before it started, securing a position at the front of the fence on Grace St, and, 2) I brought a much better lens with me, in the 70-300mm Nikkor f4.5-f5.6.  Yes, gear matters. 

My only regret is that I didn't get a photo like this one by flickrite TheeErin.  That's really an awesome shot.

Also, I ran out of memory cards.

Also, I probably ventured about one block too far south.  Around Roscoe street the crowd got ugly, with lots of pushing and shoving as people tried to move around.  This was by far the most crowded parade that I've been to. 

But overall, I like this year's photos.  Maybe I'll take next year off.

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