Friday, April 8, 2011

More Cabrini Green Photos

A follup up to Wednesday's post, here are four more photos taken at Cabrini Green last weekend.  I've also put all of these into a set on flickr, if you prefer to view them there.

1230 N. Burling Street B&W
Nikon D7000 w/ 16-85mm Nikkor lens, 1/1250sec at f5, ISO400. This is in front of the building, standing in what used to be the parking lot.

Fenced In
Nikon D7000 w/ 16-85mm lens, 1/1250sec at f5, ISO200.  A much more extreme black and white conversion than I normally do, but it seemed to work in this case.

Stripped Away
Nikon D7000 w/ 70-300mm Nikkor lens, 1/1250sec at f9, ISO400.  Another shot from the front, showing the torn away south side and a crane.

Demolition Fan
Nikon D7000 w/ 70-300mm Nikkor lens, 1/320sec at f8, ISO400.  Another photographer at work.  In my experience, photographers are some of the least likely to notice themselves being photographed.  Of course, it helps when you have a 300mm lens.

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