Sunday, January 2, 2011

Photo of the Week: the holidays, unplugged

the holidays, unplugged

I'd love to claim I shot this on January 2nd, but I'm not that vigilant about taking down my Christmas lights.  This is from December.  I don't get a lot of sun in my apartment, especially during the winter, but on this day a bright crevice of light sliced through a dining room window and into my living room, lasting no more than half an hour.  It was just enough time to throw the macro lens on my camera and take some photos lying around on the floor.  A fine way to spend a winter afternoon.

Photo Details: Nikon D7000 with Micro Nikkor 105mm lens, 1/25sec at f6.3, and ISO800.  The lens' VR helped a bit to keep this sharp, but I really should have been using a tripod for this shot.

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