Friday, January 22, 2010

Lollapalooza From Above (via Google Maps)

While doing some random Google Maps browsing today, I noticed something odd in Grant Park: swarms of people, like a giant ant farm in the middle of the city.  Evidently the satellite photos haven't been updated since last summer's Lollapalooza:


If you've ever wondered what a giant music festival looks like from above, here's your chance.  Who knows how often this gets updated.

UPDATE: as noted in the comments, these images are actually from 2007.  I guess Google updates their satellite photos even less often than I thought.


Jorge said...

that's older than last year.. i was there last year.. and the grass wasnt like that ;)

Andy said...

You're right. I think this is actually 2007. Google fooled me with the "2009" copyright at the bottom of the page.