Thursday, December 10, 2009

Camera Sufficiency

"There definitely are types of photographs that gain meaningful artistic power from increasing technical perfection, but many, many, many pictures do not, or at least not much. The things I'm interested in making pictures of fall mostly into the latter category, and I simply don't care about 1 or 2% differences in distortion or 50 line pairs of resolution this way or that."

The quote above comes from Eamon Hickey's excellent review of the Olympus E-P1 over at the Online Photographer.  I think that people on the web (myself included) often forget that in our quest for more, more, more! with our cameras, and it's worth remembering from time to time that more isn't always required.

Eamon also talks about the "advantages" of shooting with an LCD screen instead of a viewfinder, which I suspect many photographers will take issue with.  I personally prefer to hold the camera to my eye-- that's how I've learned to take photos-- but for street photography, I can see the logic in using a small camera and an LCD screen, and Eamon correctly points out that you draw less attention to yourself that way.

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