Friday, May 22, 2009

Kobe and Me (a flickr stats love story)


This is the second most viewed photograph on my flickr account.  It's losing out only to this photo of the Bean, and is beating many, many excellent shots, including this one.  Since I first posted it in 2006 it has been viewed an astounding 2,474 times, and just today has already received 21 views.  I know this because of flickr's extremely addictive stat tracking system, which not only tells you how many hits a particular photo is getting, but in many cases where those hits are coming from.

I find this all rather amusing, because to be honest, I don't think it's a very good photo!  In fact, were I to take this one in 2009, I'm not sure if I would even post it on flickr (or at least I would process it better-- it looks a bit flat to me).  Rather, the reason this shot gets so many views is because I titled it "Kobe" and the word "house" appears in the description and the tags.  You see, apparently there's a lot of interest on the internet for "Kobe Bryant's House", and people have been unwittingly drawn to this shot after doing a Yahoo image search.

For the recond, this is actually a photo of the Humboldt Park lagoon in Chicago and the Humboldt Park boat house, with some random guy in a Kobe Bryant Jersey.  Kobe Bryant, I'm fairly sure, does not live in Humboldt Park nor fish in this lagoon.

Finally, as an aside... Go Nuggets Magic!

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