Friday, April 10, 2009

SUNLIG_T! (before and after)


One of my flickr contacts emailed asking about the processing of this photo, so I thought I would post a before and after shot.  Here's the RAW version:

SUNLIG_T (unprocessed)

I made three small changes to this photo: 1) I increased the saturation by about 15%, 2) I cropped it slightly, and 3) I compressed the levels, thus increasing the contrast and blowing out a good deal of the highlight detail.

I do #3 on virtually every photo I post, though normally without the blown highlights.  Maintaining highlight detail is actually a pet peeve of mine, but since this photo was already overexposed to begin with, it seemed logical to carry that further.  Rules are meant to be broken.

Photo Details: Nikon D90 w/16-85mm lens, 1/200sec at f7.1, ISO200

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