Wednesday, February 11, 2009

man vs ice!

ice man

where's the fish?

I wanted to get some really good photos of the ice in the Chicago River this year.  I posted a few shots over at flickr but was never really satisfied with them.  The photos above, taken at Montrose Harbor last Sunday, turned out better.  I was surprised to find so much ice, much less people ice fishing, given how warm it was over the weekend.  Apparently the ice was still pretty thick.  It's all gone by now, which is how it goes in Chicago.  A lake filled with ice one day, 60 degrees the next.

Photo Details: Nikon D90 with 16-85mm lens, zoomed out to 85mm in both shots. 1/400sec f8, and ISO200. The top photo was cropped square in via photoshop.


Elle Custom Jewelry said...

I am from Chicago and I have to say these are the most beautiful photos I've seen of the icy river!

Andy said...

Thanks, Elle!