Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cook County Hospital

Cook County Hospital

The old Cook County Hospital building, dating to 1913-16, as seen from the park on the other side of Harrison, through the fenced off helo pad area.  This front section of the hospital is being restored for eventual office space; the rear wings and everything else in the back is slowly coming down.  This has been a popular building to photograph since they started demolition work over the winter.

Now, you may ask, why photograph this through a fence?  To which I would reply, why not? 

Nikon D50, 18-70mm lens, 1/1250sec at f3.5.

Cook County Hospital #2

The boarded up main entrance, which is facing north.  In Chicago it can be difficult to photograph north facing buildings with the sun hitting them directly.  I believe this happens only during the spring and summer months, and even then, only around sunrise and sunset, when the sun is hanging low in the sky.

Nikon D50, 18-70mm lens, 1/400sec at f5.


Known to many simply as County, Cook County Hospital was the inspiration for the TV show, ER, which called its hospital "County General".

Nikon D50, 18-70mm lens, 1/640sec at f5.

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