Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chicago Pride Parade photos (aka: proof of concept: yes, I can actually photograph people.)


Chaz, profile

Tom Skilling!

My three favorite photos from the Chicago Pride Parade:

Top photo: a shot of the crowd through the parade.  I took a sequence of these photos, perhaps a dozen, just trying to capture the enthusiasm of the crowd as the floats passed by.  I turned off the autofocus so the focal point would stay in the background.

Middle photo: my friend Chaz, enjoying the parade.

Bottom photo: Tom Skilling on the WGN float, having more fun than just about anyone I saw that day.  Kudos to you, Tom.

You can see the entire set on flickr.  I'm really happy and pleasantly surprised with how many decent photos I took.  I purposely tried to avoid the usual pride pictures-- the barely dressed men and women that are so prominent on the floats-- not because those aren't fun and entertaining, but I wanted to capture a different feel for the event.  If I go again next year, I'd like to focus even more on the crowd, perhaps a candid or portrait series of some sort.  I've never considered that type of photography my strong suit, but who knows, maybe I just need to do it more often?

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