Sunday, June 17, 2007

333 Wacker Drive, not the most photographed building in Chicago,
not even close.

333 Wacker, Sunset

I did an informal survey today (ie: I was bored) to find out what the most photographed building in Chicago is.  My assumption was that 333 Wacker (pictured above), with it's curved glass facade and ever changing colors and reflections, would be near the top.  I was wrong.  It's popular, no doubt, but no where close to being the most popular.

Here are the results (done via a simple flickr search):

Sears Tower: 19,100 search returns.
John Hancock Center: 7,367 search returns.
Chicago Theater: 6100 search returns.
Marina Towers: 2,205 search returns.
Aon Center: 788 search returns.
Wrigley Building: 755 returns.
333 Wacker: 271 search returns.

In fairness, lots of people probably photograph 333 Wacker without realizing what it's called (hence it doesn't get titled or tagged on flickr), where as everyone knows what the Sears Tower is.  Still, read it and weep 333.  Nobody loves you!

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