Friday, January 9, 2015

Photo of the Week: Skyline Bridge

Skyline Bridge
"Skyline Bridge" © Andy Marfia 2014 All Rights Reserved. Nikon D7100 w 16-85mm lens, 1/640sec at f8, ISO200

This week's photo shows Chicago's Webster Ave Bridge crossing the north branch of the Chicago River.  This bridge was build in 1916 and is the "oldest style of pony bascule bridge in Chicago", according to Historic Bridges dot org.

A couple of things to note about the photo: 1) Though it was quite cold on this day, what looks like ice in the water is actually foam floating on the river.  I assume this is caused by nearby industry.  2) I processed this one to be much warmer than it was in real life.  I like how this accentuated the reddish brown of the bridge, and I just liked the overall feel of the coloring.

In addition to flickr, this photo also appeared on Instagram.

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