Friday, July 26, 2013

Photo of the Week: Our Former Selves

Our Former Selves
"Our Former Selves" Copyright Andy Marfia 2013 All Rights Reserved. Sony RX 100, 1/100sec at f4.5, ISO125.

I attended the Pitchfork Music Festival last weekend.  It was the ninth year of the festival and the ninth year that I was there.  I had a great time, but this year made me nostalgic as I tried to remember the lineups from previous festivals.  What occurred to me is that my favorite year was the first, 2005, and one of the best performances was The Wrens in that same year.  It also occurred to me that many of the attendees at the 2013 festival probably don't even know who The Wrens are!  That's mostly the band's fault for not releasing anything since 2003, but nonetheless is kind of sad.

Anyway, that milieu is where the title of this photo comes from, "Our Former Selves", a play on the phrase "A shadow of our former selves."

This photo was also featured on Gapers Block this week:


Anyone interested in listening to some Wrens can find them on Spotify and I'm sure elsewhere as well.

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