Friday, March 1, 2013

Photo(s) of the Week: Winter Canopies

Wishful Thinking
Sony RX100, 1/320sec at f3.2, ISO125. © Andy Marfia 2013 All Rights Reserved.

Sony RX100, 1/125sec at f4.9, ISO125. © Andy Marfia 2013 All Rights Reserved.

I've never understood why people use umbrellas in the winter?  An umbrella, to me, is a rain device, and doesn't work very well in a blizzard.  At best it keeps your hair dry, but you're probably wearing a hat anyway, and at worst, it gets blown open or weighed down with snow.  Using an umbrella in the winter is a sure fire way to say to the world "I'm from Houston", and why would you want to do that?

I'll admit they do add some color to a scene, so Chicagoans: if you're going to use umbrellas, please opt for bright pink ones!  Your local photographer will thank you.  (Actually, we'll stealthily take your photo and post it on the internet, but you get the point).

These shots were both taken on Northwestern University's Evanston campus, just north of Chicago.

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