Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo of the Week: Looming Large

looming large
Sony RX100, 1/1000sec at f5, ISO125. © Andy Marfia 2012 All Rights Reserved.

It's easy to pick a "photo of the week" when you've only posted one photo online the entire week.  I've been busy with work the past few weeks, and more stressed than usual, which impacts my creativity.  No matter, I really like this shot.

Are things "looming large" in your life?  Or is it just an illusion of shadows?  Sometimes it can be hard to tell.


Robert said...

Don't let the shadows get you down. This is awesome. Is there somewhere online where I can buy a print?

Andy Marfia said...

"This is awesome"


"Is there somewhere online where I can buy a print?"

Not currently, but contact me at and we can discuss print sizes and price. I custom make all my prints on an Epson R2880 printer up to 13x19 and I can have them printed larger by sending out to a lab.