Friday, May 25, 2012

Photo of the Week: Jackson Canyon

Jackson Canyon Nikon D7000 with 16-85mm lens, 1/640sec at f8, ISO200. Copyright Andy Marfia 2012 All Rights Reserved.

I thought I'd share one more photo from the NATO protests last weekend.  This one seems fitting to head into Memorial Day weekend.  I shot this as the march moved west on Jackson across Michigan Ave.  They don't call Chicago the "windy city" for nothing, and as I expected it whipped this flag into a frenzy.


Jason said...

A slower shutter speed might have gotten some flag blur, but I like it nice and sharp too. That flag really pops.

Andy Marfia said...

Thanks Jason. I agree about the motion blur, but at an event like this there was just too much going on to worry about that. My primary concern was keeping my subjects IN FOCUS.