Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo of the Week: Sue!

Nikon D7000 w/ Sigma 10-20mm f4, 1/80sec at f4, ISO1600. © Andy Marfia 2011 All Rights Reserved.

During the winter I like to catch up on my museum going, and luckily, we have plenty of them in Chicago. This photo was taken in the Field Museum during a visit the week after Christmas. If you've never been there, this is Sue, the Museum's 65 million year old T-Rex skeleton. According to wikipedia she's the worlds "largest, most extensive and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever found."

I've seen lots of pictures of Sue and I've seen (and taken) photos of the main room in the Field Museum. What I wanted to do with this shot was combine the two. Thus, I included a good deal of the ceiling, lit blue from the fading light outside, and framed Sue's head between the chandeliers. Originally this was a standard vertical, but I liked it better cropped narrow like this.

This photo got briefly sucked into Flickr's Explore system, and was featured on their Last 7 Days Page. I know this because that page showed up in my stats-- I've never once been able to find one of my own photographs there. Weird.

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Andre Alforque said...

Awesome bit of framing, there! The crop really adds a dimension to this photo; physically taller, mentally more menacing. Thanks for the glimpse into your process, and sharing your work with us!