Tuesday, February 1, 2011

snowpocalypse of yesteryear

snowpocalypse of yesteryear

In anticipation of tonight's snowmageddon, I thought It would be fun to dig out some negatives from previous winters.  I had wanted to find a photo from the blizzard of 99, but completely failed in that task.  My negatives and slides are in dire need of reorganization from that era.

Instead, I found this photo from February of 2002 (or possibly 03).  This is the lakeshore in Evanston, IL along the Northwestern University campus.  This was an unusually warm day after what was a fairly long, cold winter.  The rocks that you see in the foreground normally drop about 15 feet down to the water line, but by the end of this particular winter you could just step off them onto this glacier.

Not that I recommend anyone try this in the future.  Ah, college students.

(Scan from 35mm negative. Ilford HP5 400)

On to this evening: currently they're predicting up to 20 inches of snow, and 60mph winds.  The National Weather Service declared it "potentially life threatening" yesterday, which was right about when everyone on facebook and twitter started to freak out.  (Social media is hilarious during times like these).  I'm generally pretty skeptical about blizzard forecasting, which is often wrong and can have a touch of fear mongering to it.  However, in this case, I'm pretty confident we're about to get nailed.

We shall see.  Whatever happens, I'm going to do my best to capture some photos.  Good thing that D7000 I bought last year is weather sealed!


Peter Davidson said...

Ah, HP5 and good old 2475 recording film, I remember them well ... How goes the snow? Good photo op?

Andy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Peter. The snow is a definitely a good photo op. I'm slowly posting photos here and over at my flickr account.