Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's not art until it's been "explored"

I made the above comment earlier today, as a joke, in reference to flickr's fickle explore feature.  Currently yours truly has a photo up, somewhere, in the Last 7 Days section:


I know it's there because the stats say so, though I haven't found it myself.  This is, of course, very cool, and I appreciate the increased traffic and commentary from where ever it comes.  Still, I've come to realize over the years how completely random and arbitrary this stuff can be.  Sure, it helps when you have a good photograph, as I often do, but I've had quite a few excellent shots go uncommented entirely.  What the gods of flickr giveth, they taketh away.  I find it's best to just keep shooting and not worry about it.

Photo details: Nikon D7000 with 16-85mm lens, 1/320sec at f4.5, ISO200.  This was shot the morning after our first big snow storm of the year.


Ben said...

This is so true! It can get very frustrating. But as you say, you can do nothing about it - just take you pictures and hope for the best. I'm a big blipfoto fan and it's the same trick trying to hit their "spotlights" page.

Andy said...

Hey Ben, thanks for checking in. I've been intrigued to try out blipfoto but just haven't had the time... one of these days.