Friday, December 3, 2010

Nikon D7000 available through Amazon

NikonD7000Following up on my previous post about the Nikon D7000, I just noticed today that Amazon has the D7000 kit version with the 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 lens in stock.  They still don't have the body only version for sale.  I also checked with B&H and Adorama but neither store has either version of this camera in stock.  B&H lists the camera as "unavailable" where as Adorama will take your order but offers no promises on when they will ship it to you.  As far as local stores go, I checked Calumet, but they list the D7000 as back ordered.

In short, if you were hoping to get this camera before Christmas, Amazon may be your best bet right now. 

I should mention that I own the 18-105mm lens (it came with my D90).  Though I haven't used it recently, it's not a bad lens at all.  Check out some of my photos on flickr if you need more proof.  Its pros are: a) it's fairly compact and lightweight, b) it's very sharp, and c) it has an effective VR system.  Its main con is the all plastic construction including the lens mount.  I also noticed that it vignetted quite a bit, but this is easily correctable in post processing (and often I liked the vignetting).

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