Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Photo(s) of the Week: peeling away (triptych)

peeling away (triptych)

I like to think of these photos as visual ruminations.  I took them on the same day while riding the CTA red line, between approximately Loyola and Howard.  My window had a bit of muck on it, some sort of peeling plastic coating and I thought it made for a cool effect to shoot through it. 

Photo Details:
#1: Canon S95 at 35mm, 1/125sec at f3.2, ISO80
#2: Canon S95 at 35mm, 1/400sec at f3.2, ISO80
#3: Canon S95 at 35mm, 1/250sec at f3.2, ISO80

Note: by clicking through the photo to flickr, you can see a larger version.

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