Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photo of the Week: watching you watching me

watching you watching me

If you've ever wondered how many cameras it takes to record a traffic violation, it turns out the answer is three.  I'm not certain, but I think that's a Nikon D60 in the middle:


Note that it's been rebranded as RedFlex, which is the company that makes these boxes.  I don't know what the devices to the left and right are-- I would presume one of them is being used to trigger the D60.  Perhaps the other one guarantees the proper use of leading lines and the rule of thirds.

Photo Details: Nikon D90 with 55-200mm lens, 1/640sec at f7.1 and ISO400.  This was taken on Roosevelt near Canal, but it could have been anywhere-- for better or worse, these are all over Chicago now.


phule said...

The Googles says lots of red light cameras in NYC had their D2x's stolen by a guy with a cherry picker and a bad heroin habit!

Andy said...

I remember reading about that at the time. Pretty funny. Perhaps they've switched to D60s since then-- a cheaper camera in case of theft.

JohnAK said...

How can you tell it's a D60?

Andy said...

The red triangle is a give away that it's a Nikon. Under the red triangle is a little black circle-- the infrared receiver. As far as I know the D40-D60-D3000 line is the only one to have that there. I'm guessing on the D60 part. This could also be a D40 or a D3000.