Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photo of the Week: paper thin

paper thin

The Red Eye gets a lot of flack in Chicago and deservedly so-- it's a pretty shitty newspaper, whose only real upside is that a) it's free, and b) can usually be found discarded on the CTA.  In the case of this photo, it would seem mother nature isn't too found of it either, as the recent winds took their toll on this box.

I photographed this with a recently purchased Canon S95-- which I've been having a lot of fun playing around with.  I'm going to post a review (or at least some impressions) of this new camera in about a week.

Photo details: Canon S95 at 105mm, 1/20sec at f4.9 and ISO80


JohnAK said...

New cameras are always fun! Why the S95 as opposed to one of the micro 4/3rds cameras?

Andy said...

@John: I'll write about this in more detail next week, but for me it came down to price and size. The M43 cameras are great, but the S95 is at least $200 cheaper, and also quite a bit smaller. I really wanted a camera that I could slip into any pocket and carry with me everywhere, and this fit the bill.