Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ricoh GRX followup

Back in November, I wrote a pretty critical blog post about the new Ricoh GRX camera system, so I thought I should follow up on that.  There are a few reviews out now, including this one at DPReview (which tests the camera with its 50mm sensor module).  DPReview has some nice things to say about the GRX-- in particular the image quality is quite good-- but they also echo my own thoughts to a tee:

"In the digital age lenses tend to have a much longer shelf-life than camera bodies. Many photographers who replace their digital SLR every two or three years still use lenses that were originally purchased in the 80s or 90s. By fixing the lens to the sensor unit Ricoh practically reduces the lens' useful life to the sensor's. The GXR macro lens is a very nice piece of optical equipment now, and still will be in five years time. However, at that point how many photographers will be interested in using it with what will doubtless by then be an outdated sensor?"

In short, my feelings about this camera haven't changed.  It's a flawed design concept, as is, and I think Ricoh is going to swing and miss on this one.  At the very least, if I were someone interested in buying this product, I would wait a year to make sure it's still around.


JohnAK said...

What do ya' have against Ricoh? They make some nice cameras though I guess I'd agree this one is a bit strange.

Andy said...

I have nothing against Ricoh. I just think this particular camera system is a flawed design.