Friday, January 29, 2010

Giroux Daguerreotype for sale, only $280,000 plus change!


A rare example of the world's first commercially-produced camera, the Giroux Daguerreotype, will go up for auction in May of this year.  For the camera collector with deep, deep pockets, the starting price is a measly €200,000 ($280,000), with an expected sale of over €500,000!  The Giroux Daguerreotype was named after Louis Jaques Mand√© Daguerre (who invented the Daguerreotype in 1839-- one of the earliest photographic processes) and Alphonse Giroux, who manufactured the camera.  I can't find any information about how many of these were made.  It's possible no one knows.

Of course, were you to buy this, good luck finding the copper plates (coated with iodized silver) necessary to make images, not to mention the mercury vapor to develop them.  Kodak and Fuji stopped making that stuff in 1848... I'm kidding, Kodak and Fuji didn't even exist back then.  No, you would pretty much have to make everything yourself, which is no easy task.

Source: Engadget via RegHardware.

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