Sunday, January 3, 2010

29 for 2009: Chicago & Beyond

39 for 2009: Chicago & Beyond

I've assembled a set of my favorite photographs taken in Chicago (and a few in New York) from 2009.  I was originally going to call this "29 for 2009", mirroring last year's set, but I'm having a hard time eliminating photos this year.  I don't think this means that my photos from 2009 are better, necessarily, just that I like more of them about the same.  Last year I think I had a better core of standout shots.

Click here to view the flickr set, or here to view it as a slideshow.  I still have some 2009 shots to post, but I think I'm going to call this set done for now.

Finally, some statistics that may interest only me: in 2009 I posted exactly 176 photos to flickr.  That comes out to about 1.16 photos per week. I thought this was low, but it turns out that I posted 178 photos in 2008 and 176 in 2007.  Weird.  Who knew I was so consistent!


phule said...

I end up being pretty consistent in the total number of uploads to flickr as well. Strange how it works out that way.

JohnAK said...

An excellent set, Andy. You have a unique eye for urban details.