Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pentax releases world's ugliest camera: the K-x Red

Dear Pentax,

We need to talk.  I don't mean to get on your case-- in the past, I've liked some of the cameras you've put out.  That K7 you released earlier in the year, boy that K7 looks like a winner.  But this new camera, Pentax.  This K-x, as you're calling it.  Red?  Really?  Did you really think that was a good idea?  I mean, I can understand the white version, and maybe even the blue one isn't so bad.  People like color, I get it, we like variety.  But bright red?  On a DSLR?  Frankly you look a little desperate.




phule said...

I think it's great. Jack White sells a Red Holga, maybe he'll sign on with Pentax too.

Besides, in a world of "yet another black SLR" this will certainly stand out to Pentax's target market.

All that said: some of the color grip/body combos available in Japan are...well, probably best left in Japan. :)

(or, see them all at once here: )

Andy said...

I think it's just this particular shade of red that I dislike, but you're right, I'm sure it'll be quite popular.

Thanks for the links. Now I can finally fulfill my dream of having a fuchsia colored camera with a pink handle! :)