Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sony A850: only $83 per megapixel


Sony has announced a new full frame, high resolution DSLR, the A850.  This camera is significant because it currently sits as the least expensive high resolution DSLR.  At $2000 and 24.6mp, it comes out to roughly $83 per megapixel.  The Canon 5D Mark II, by comparison, costs $2,699.95 at 21.1mp, or $128 per megapixel.  The Nikon D3x at $7,999.95 and 24.6mp comes out to an astounding $325 per megapixel.  So... if you need that many pixels (I don't) this is probably a good deal.  An added bonus to Sony cameras is they come with sensor based image stabilization, so every single lens you throw on the camera will be stabilized.

This will be available in September.  For more information I'd check out Imaging Resource, which not only has the announcement but a full blown review as well.


phule said...

So, will Canon respond by increasing supply of the 5D Mark II and dropping prices?

I sure hope so. [Not that I can afford one anyway, but let's not quibble over details here! :) ]

Andy said...

One would hope so. Sony may be new to the camera business, but they've got tons of money to throw at it, and Canon (and Nikon) would be wise to take them seriously.