Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CTA abstract series, part 1


I wasn't expecting this to be a series, but what hell, two or three photos make a series, right?  I had it planned all along!

The photo above is a macro shot of a sign on the Thorndale L platform.  I was facing east when I took this-- it was fairly late in the day so the low hanging sun was crossing sharply under the platform's canopy, illuminating this sign.

The two images below are of the metal grates that the CTA uses as dividers on the platforms.  The red blob in the first photo is an out of focus CTA sign in the background.  The second photo is actually of two dividers, spaced about 6 feet apart on a stairwell.  I put the focal point between them, which is what caused the kaleidoscope effect that you see as the patterns merged.  I'm not really sure if this photo works-- the fact that it requires an explanation leads me to believe that it may be a bit too abstract.

circles / shadow



#1: Nikon D90 with 60mm lens, 1/1200sec at f6.3 (cropped square via photoshop)
#2: Nikon D50 with 60mm lens, 1/800sec at f7.1
#3: Nikon D80 with 60mm lens, 1/500sec at f5.5
(Note: these photos were all taken on different days)

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